Individual and Group Health Insurance Plans: 

If you are self-employed, not covered through your employer, not covered by a spouses plan or if your children need health insurance, take a look at one of our Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans or our short term major medical plan (where available). We offer quality PPO plans and an excellent short term major medical plan (where available) that will suit the needs of virtually any buyer. Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) 


Our PPO products give you the freedom to choose any physician or hospital you want. If you seek medical services from a doctor or hospital inside the PPO Network, you pay less for your health care services. If you seek medical services outside of the network, your benefits will be less generous. As a consumer, you can control your share of health care costs, just by seeking medical services from a doctor who is participating with your network. These network doctors will file your claims for you and must accept the network allowed amount as payment for covered services. What makes our PPO plans so desirable is your ability to go to any network provider you choose, including a specialist, whenever you choose. You do not need a referral for hospital, outpatient or ancillary services.