Why a career with First Financial Insurance Group?

FFIG is a company with a grounded management team: All of our senior managers have been field agents, so all of our decisions are made by people who have done the job on the most basic level. None of our decisions “look good on paper”, all of them are real-world applicable. What this means to you is that your career is supported by people who know what it takes to make you successful.

The greatest asset First Financial Insurance Group has is our client base. We deal with the Senior Market, which is the fastest growing segment of the population and also the fastest growing segment of the insurance industry. In short, we deal with a demographic that is growing quickly! Our company isn’t chasing a clientele that is shrinking or hesitant. Seniors hold 70% of the individual wealth in the United States and are usually living on fixed and guaranteed incomes. Our clients are not affected by the recent changes in the economy! First Financial Insurance Group targets a client base that is willing and able to afford our products. For a sales career this is an advantage with serious implications.

Our mission is simple: Provide coverage to seniors to protect their families, their estates, and their dignity. The Senior Market is full of companies seeking to make “quick bucks”, but not as many looking out for the best interests of the clients. Here at First Financial Insurance Group, our ability to solve problems and protect Seniors while still earning an excellent living means that our agents are rewarded in many different ways. I look forward to working with you in the future and making your career a successful one.